Personal Training

Why consider engaging the services of a Personal Trainer?

Personal trainer with clientIt’s easy to become complacent about your own health & fitness, and with our busy lifestyle and demands placed on us many people find motivating themselves hard work, or impossible at worst.

The benefits of a personal trainer can be quite astounding.  Working with a Personal Trainer is no longer seen as a luxury or a “nice to have”. People these days see it as a lifestyle change to make a real difference to long term health & wellbeing.

A personal trainer can effect a dramatic change to your lifestyle and therefore to your wellbeing. We a have a range of personal trainers to choose from who are all advanced level 3 qualified.

Individual Sessions

Peak times
£25 (1hr)
Off-Peak times £20 (1hr)
12pm -> 3pm (25% off) £15 (1hr)
  • 20% discount for 5 block booking
  • 30% discount for 10 block booking

Small group training

Share the cost of hiring a personal trainer by joining in with one of our “small group” personal trainer sessions. Groups are limited to 4 clients per session and there are options for training once or twice per week

  • £30 for 6 week weekly session
  • £50 for 6 week 2 sessions per week

Training Slots

We are almost always available to train you at a time that suits your schedule – whether it is early in the morning, late in the evening or any time in between we will do our best to find you a suitable trainer.

Personal Training Enquiry

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Julien Macdonald
Fashion Designer

I love coming home to Merthyr to visit my family & always top of the list is a personal training session with Sarah at Inspire. I normally train in London but Merthyr has some of the best trainers. The hour flies by and I feel incredible by the end. Keep up the great work guys! JM x